Virtual Reality, the future of online casinos

For some time, more and more people are talking about the fourth or even fifth generation of the network. The Internet with realistic features and animations that are quite close to reality. Now with Virtual Reality comes additional new technology that will change the gamer world. The gaming industry, a leader in technological innovation, has dealt for some time with virtual reality. The fact is: Currently, probably the largest arms race in history of the games and software manufacturers will take place.

The "Online Casino of the Future" presented at London's ICE Totally Gaming exhibition

What will the future of online casinos look like? Visitors to London's ICE Totally Gaming exhibition have already got a glimpse. Visitors who played with the Google Goggles or the Oculus Rift, were for a time in a "real" casino. The players could play at right slot machines, placing chips on the roulette table or gamble with the dealer at blackjack. Furthermore, it should come to be in the near future, the possibility that players can also chat. A technology that can very well ensure that the online casino industry is more successful. Currently, there are units in the development version.

Microgaming is 100 percent convincing

Microgaming, a reputable software vendor, is known for high-quality graphics and modern slot machines. It is no longer news that Virtual Reality will be the future. Even Neil White, product manager at Microgaming, is convinced of the fact that it "will soon no longer function without virtual reality" . Of course, those who tried the Virtual Reality Roulette were thrilled. For this development the company was awarded the "Global Gaming Award".

A virtual drink at the virtual bar?

But not only Micogaming dealt with the Virtual Reality for Online Casinos - also Slot million has been busy for months so that players can get a new casino-feeling. Slot million offers not only 40 slot machines - the company relies on "more feeling", so that the players can have a cocktail -. Of course at the virtual bar, the player is given a pair of glasses with widescreen HD screen and can move around the casino room. The highlight? The casino is located on the 80th floor of a skyscraper – if you’re brave enough you can also look out the window.

Virtual Reality is definitely the future

Of course it will take some years until virtual reality will be an integral component in the world of online casinos. Until then, players can be satisfied with modern video slot machines and 3D slot machines, which also provide a new game experience. Fact: Virtual Reality is here to stay and will play an increasingly important role. Whether on the console or in the context of a virtual casino visit – companies are already working on new technologies that can definitely be groundbreaking.

Is Virtual Reality hazardous to your health?

Of course there are not only fans - some critics have already spoken out, the fear of lasting psychological damage, especially. There are already study results on people who suffered psychological damage, because they spent too much time in "virtual reality". Will that hold players back? In the end of course - as with all things  in life - a compromise will prevail.

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