Online casino slot machines tips and tricks

In the following, we present you a number of useful tips and tricks to extend your game and increase your chances of winning as much as possible. This includes not necessarily playing all betlines or always placing the maximum bet. If you know a machine well, you recognise right away whether taking part pays off or if it means needlessly wasting credits. This is important to know how to win with the slot machine. In general, it’s about making the right decisions by yourself, but below we will show you many useful tips to increase your chances of winning.


Money management

The term might originate in the financial industry, but it can easily be transferred to gambling. Money management is about setting a limit and sticking to it. Once you’ve gambled it away, you should step away from the machine and not continue under any circumstances. And if you’ve won some money, be happy and leave the game anyway.

Managing your money in an appropriate way is one of the most important things to remember when it comes to slot machines. Once you’ve found your optimum risk to available money ratio, you’ll play in a much more relaxed and safe way. This raises your odds of winning, which should obviously be your top priority.

Choosing the right machine

Picking the right machine for your is also very important. Only choose machines that match your budget. Some machines with up to 50 betlines ask for €5 Euros per spin. If that’s too expensive for you, simply pick another machine. There is also a large selection of penny slot that require only relatively low bets. Since not every bet leads to a win, you should spin more frequently to increase your odds.

Playing online instead of at a physical casino

Online casinos’ pay-out rates are typically much higher than those of real casinos. With most operators, they range between 90% and 95%. Real casinos can’t compete as they need to offset their much higher costs. On average, you can win more and more frequently at online casinos.

Manipulating slot machines

One frequently reads about supposed tricks to manipulate slot machines. Back in the old days when gambling was limited to casinos and arcades, it was possible to technically manipulate machines, which was of course illegal and considered theft. Nowadays, you will occasionally come across players who claim that this is possible with online slots as well. According to them, certain key combinations and bets can maximise winnings. Don’t pay any attention to these claims, they are pure nonsense. Some of these self-proclaimed experts might even offer to manipulate the slots for you – for money, of course.

What is the deal with progressive jackpots and winning cycles?

Many slots are advertised with so called progressive jackpots. These supposedly allow players to win seven or eight-digit amounts. To make this possible, the jackpot has to be filled first, however. A small amount is subtracted from any bet and added to the jackpot. Observe these progressive jackpots for a while and pay attention to their winning cycles. For every slot, there is an average time it takes for a player to hit the jackpot.

You can find this information by visiting one of a number of sites dedicated to this topic. There you will learn when a jackpot was won for the first time. Moreover, you can find out how long it takes on average and what the average winning amount is. This gives you a good idea when it’s time for the jackpot to be cracked again. As you see, you should know your maths when it comes to progressive jackpots. The expected winnings increase over time and might even slip into positive territory when the jackpot is at an optimum filling. Mathematically speaking, it’s worth playing when you can justifiably expect your winnings to be higher than the bet you place.

progressive jackpot

It is important to point out, though, that a very large sum goes to one user. It isn’t unusual for that amount to be so high, that the expected value becomes positive for all players, including those who don’t win anything. We recommend that you wait as long as possible and place your bets when the jackpot is overdue. If you win, you can look forward to a brand-new life without any financial worries.

Use the play money mode

Most online casinos such as Supergaminator allow you to use a fund mode in which you can familiarise yourself with the slot, before you bet real money. That way, you can avoid accidentally hitting a wrong button and thus losing the game and your bet.

Tricks for Book of Ra

If you want to have success in Book of Ra or many other Novoline slots, you should know how to play the so-called risk game. Your personal playing behaviour is what matters here. If you’re looking to win big and are willing to pay money into the Novoline online casino more frequently, you should raise your risk level and participate in larger jackpots. If your goal is to play Book of Ra for as long as possible, however, you should minimize your bets and only rarely or never use the risk function. It’s best if you test it in the play money mode before you decide if you wish to risk any real money.

book of ra tipps

Merkur tricks

Similar advice can be applied to Merkur. It is important that you know how to manage the risk ladder perfectly. Also note that there is a maximum amount you can win with these slots. Consequently, the risk game is more suitable for players with low bets rather than high rollers. You should also make yourself familiar with the gamble and doubling game features and use these functions in a targeted way.

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