Online casino no deposit bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses to motivate players to make a cash deposit and try their luck. In some cases, bonuses are offered that don’t even require a deposit, giving new users the opportunity to test the games with a limited credit provided by the casino. Such bonuses are referred to as no deposit bonuses. The amount of such bonuses differs between casinos. In most cases, casinos offer single-digit amounts. For most no-deposit casino bonuses, a bonus code is required, which has to be entered upon registration or at a later point in the control panel.

Do online casinos really give away free money?

No one gives away money for nothing, especially not online casinos that rely on their players’ deposits. Consequently, bonuses come with certain conditions, so called rollover requirements. These differ depending on the casino. In most cases, the real money no deposit bonus has to be rolled over a certain number of times. This means that the amount has to be wagered a few times before it can be paid out. In addition to the rollover requirements, some casinos require a specified deposit to rule out money laundering and prevent the abuse of bonuses.

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What else is there to know about real money bonuses without deposits?

There are countless lists of online casinos that offer very high bonuses. In such cases, you should exercise caution, as these are often casinos without any meaningful licences and that many users have reported problems with regarding the payment of winnings after the deposits required to convert the bonus credit into real money were made. Moreover, players should always have a look at the terms and conditions and the bonus requirements. Sometimes bonuses aren’t given to all players but only certain groups from a limited number of countries.

Scoring bonuses as a long-time customer?

It is often forgotten that free credit given to existing customers counts as a bonus without deposit, too. Many casinos offer loyalty programmes and regularly give away bonus credit to their most active users. Usually, this takes the form of bonus codes or redeeming points collected by the user, similar to a payback scheme. These bonuses have less stringent rollover requirements attached or might even be payable directly.

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Variations of the casino bonus without deposits

Apart from free credit, some online casinos give away free tries for certain slots or prizes. Certain bonus conditions apply here, as well. Even though free credit is clearly more popular with players than free games, most casinos offering bonuses without deposits offer only those.

A further variation of this bonus is the minimum deposit bonus, in which only a very small deposit is required to receive a relatively high bonus in the form of free credit. Sometimes a Euro is enough to receive ten or fifteen Euro credit. The casino’s bonus conditions apply.

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