Play Merkur slot machines online

Merkur’s slot machines are part of Germany’s cultural heritage. There is barely a town without one of the high-class arcades where the laughing sun guarantees profitable odds, unlimited thrills and excitement for every taste… Savvy players save the gasoline for driving to the casino and try their luck online. Since 2011, they’ve had the opportunity to test their favourite machine games in the online casino. Apart from the renowned Sunmaker Casino, the company’s productions are available on numerous officially licenced platforms. Thanks to government regulation, fraud and cheating are no concern at all. A majority of providers operates within the European Union.

Play the best Merkur slots in an online casino

Gauselmann AG knows how to capture the zeitgeist. When players turned away from classic slot machines with the ever-same symbols and payouts, its developers where working on developing the slots of the future. Fruits and jacks continue to be gambling hallmarks, of course, but today’s slot machine games take you on exciting adventurous journeys. High-definition effects and graphics take you to unknown lands, the ocean or space. Every slot machine has unique features and its very own charm that becomes palpable even in your living room. Merkur’s online slot machines are perfect for users who don’t have time to spin the reels at their local casino.

Merkur Slots

Casino games for low and high rollers

The smart heads from Gauselmann AG make sure that all players benefit from the best possible pay-out rates of about 90% on the internet. No physical casino could afford such a low house edge. The variance is exemplary, too. Whether you know about casino strategies or not: the machines pay out regularly. It only takes seconds for the bank roll to fill for the first time.

The risk is in the user’s hands. Merkur caters to low rollers who want to test their fortune with modest bets but still want the chance of winning three or four-digit wins. For high rollers, the stakes rise more quickly. Some slots allow for bets of 50 euros per win. But players should also keep in mind that they might lose their bets. Gambling is a hobby, and even the best approaches don’t guarantee any wins.

Merkur Slots

Higher wins on the risk ladder

The popularity of Merkur’s slot machines is no accident, nor did it grow over night. The company’s developers have proven for years that they’re ahead of the time. Its almost legendary risk features are part of the reason why players have high chances of winning even with low bets. At Merkur, any line win can be bet again right away.

The gambling experience wouldn’t be complete without a card game. Players bet on the colour of a card, allowing them to multiply their bets. The risk ladder is even more popular. Even the smallest bet can be increased to a maximum of 140 Euro that way. But beware: the odds are just as high that all profits won might be lost! For beginners, the fun mode is a good way to test the risk features.

Merkur magic for smartphones and tablets

Eventhough their charming atmosphere is among the Merkur casinos’ strong points, the new generation of gamblers focusses on comfort and convenience. They don’t want to play only on their desktop PCs or notebooks but on their smartphone, Windows phone or Tablet as well. Developers have recognised the signs of the time and introduced the first productions for the mobile Market. Merkur’s mobile portfolio may not be gigantic, but it offers all the well-known and popular classics. Gameplay and pay-out rates are identical. Apart from the need for an internet connection, there’s nothing standing in the way of a quick spin during your lunch break or commute home.

Playing Merkur’s slot machines for free

How to score free games? How many active lines should beginners play? What does ‘wild’ and ‘scatter’ mean? Experienced players might chuckle at these questions, but they might deter beginners from trying their luck.

No matter if you are interested in Eye of Horus, Double Triple Chance, Ghost Slider, Blazing Star or Magic Mirror Deluxe 2: it’s very easy to access the fun mode in order to get to know the game. Once you’ve got a hang of the rules, it pays off to register with a Merkur-licenced online casino. As a courtesy to new customers, a nice bonus of 100% is added on top of the first payment. Thanks to fair rollover requirements, it doesn’t take long till your first payout.

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