Playing Book of Ra online with real money and making direct PayPal deposits

Book of Ra is a true classic among slot games and was developed by Novoline. It is considered to be among the best and most popular games of its kind, so it’s no surprise that it can be found in many online casinos. Gamblers can generally choose between two versions: there is a so-called play money version which is popular with new users to learn the playing mechanisms and winning options. Of course, winnings earned in this version can’t be paid out. Alternatively, there is the real-money version of Book of Ra, which, as the name implies, involves betting real money. However, Novoline makes this option available in selected casinos online. Usually, players who have tested the play-money version of Book of Ra at some point want to try the real deal and play for real money. Players frequently ask whether they can make deposits using PayPal, one of the most popular online payment methods. The good news is that some casinos, including Quasar, OVO and Stargames offer this payment option. In the following, we will discuss the benefits of PayPal as a payment option. First, we will take a look at the features of Book of Ra and show you why this slot classic is so popular.

Book of Ra: Why this classic is so popular.

Until recently, you had to visit your local casino or arcade to enjoy Book of Ra at a real slot machine. But as online gambling becomes increasingly popular, Book of Ram has become more accessible thanks to online casinos. This classic takes gamblers on a journey to ancient Egypt. The player takes on the role of an adventurer who meets all kinds of mysteries, relics and hieroglyphics while looking for immense riches. With a bit of luck, treasures can be turned into real cash. Book of Ra works with five reels that offer a maximum of nine betlines. In the right combination, with three identical symbols, the depicted signs and hieroglyphics lead players straight to major winnings. Releasing free games is a central factor in Book of Ra. These promise higher chances of winning and, as a result, even better profits. Free games can be released when three books of Ra appear. However, the Book of Ra doesn’t only act as a key to free games but also as a joker that allows players to score a win with only two matching symbols. Book of Ra is characterised by extraordinarily high chances and various ways of winning. Furthermore, it shines with high-quality animations, graphics and the story already mentioned. That is the mix that keeps on attracting new fans of this game.

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How does PayPal work?

In order to use PayPal to make deposits at online casinos, players have to register an account with the service. Through that PayPal account, money can be transferred from a bank account to the casino’s account. It is also possible to allow PayPal to access the bank account directly in order to deposit funds in the casino account without having to pay into the PayPal account first, i.e. real-time money transfers. This means that unlike with bank transfers, the recipient, in this case the casino, does not have to wait for their money. To ensure that cash transfers are safe, payments have to be confirmed using an e-mail address and password.

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Benefits of PayPal

PayPal customers have benefited from its phenomenally fast money transfers for years. The service has long established itself as a fixture of the online payment market. Increasing numbers of users prefer to use PayPal, and a steadily growing number of websites accordingly offers it as a payment option. The payment system’s greatest advantage is probably its real-time payment function. Below, we provide an overview of PayPal’s advantages:

• Money transfers in real time.
• PayPal is safe thanks to e-mail and password protection.
• Bank details are not revealed to the recipient.
• PayPal offers buyer’s protection, i.e. the option of claiming money back.
• Payment is completely free.
• PayPal is widespread.

A number of further benefits derive from these: online casinos cooperating with PayPal can generally be regarded as trustworthy, as it means they offer PayPal’s buyer protection. In addition, offering the service indicates good customer-orientation, because as we’ve mentioned, increasing numbers of internet users prefer PayPal to other payment methods.

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