Are you looking for a reputable casino for high rollers?

The stakes are substantial at high roller casinos. As a result, winnings are also potentially high. There are different types of gamblers who take a seat at the virtual casino table. Cautious players bet smaller amounts and content themselves with minor winnings. At the other extreme, there are so called high rollers. These belong to a peculiar group of players willing to take substantial risks. In the following, we will discuss casinos that are suitable for high rollers and how you can become one, too.

What do casinos offer high rollers?

  • special promotions and bonuses for VIPs
  • personalised customer consultants
  • preferential pay-out conditions
  • high winnings and invitations to special events for high rollers
  • high bets

What exactly is a high roller?

High rollers are mostly looking for large winnings and won’t content themselves with a few euros and the regular thrill of gambling. They place very high stakes or the maximum bet to receive the highest possible winnings. In order to be able to play like that, they require a budget that goes well beyond what average players have at their disposal.

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Are you also looking for a high roller casino?

If the above description sounds like you, you have come to the right place. Our gambling experts review and rank the various providers to find the best one for you. Moreover, you can find listings of all current promotions, the best games and the most profitable bonus schemes on our website. That way, you can find the best online casino at any time.

High rollers are part of a small and exclusive group of gamblers. They are considered the VIPs among gamblers. And that is exactly how online casinos treat them in order to gain their loyalty. Traditional casinos, such as those in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, also value their high rollers. Online casinos show their appreciation in various ways. But which of them are best for high rollers? In order to save you time, we do the job of finding the right online casino for you. Our exclusive guide to high roller casinos provides you with plenty of information and contains a handy overview so that you can always find the best provider.

What services do online casinos offer high rollers?

In our reviews, one of the factors we pay attention to is how different casinos treat their high rollers. We take a close look at what special promotions and privileges they are offered. After all, high rollers bet some very high sums and take a high risk. Providers should honour this with corresponding offers. And that is exactly what many online casinos do.

High rollers are popular guests with casinos and accordingly receive special treatment. The providers listed here, for instance, offer their high rollers a personalised customer service with a concierge who is at the player’s disposal 24 hours a day. Moreover, they regularly present them with bonus offers and promotions that are quite different from those offered to regular players. On top of that, high rollers get a higher credit limit as well as higher deposit and pay-out limits.

How do you become a high roller?

Usually, a casino will contact you directly and offer you high roller status if you meet certain conditions. These include regularly placing high bets. This gives you access to special bonuses that aren’t available to a lot of other players.

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How to find games for high roller

If you’re looking for high roller games at different online casinos, you won’t easily find them, as they usually aren’t marked as such. Consequently, you need to inform yourself about the various games on offer and their minimum and maximum bets. Card games like baccarat and black jack tend to be popular with high rollers, especially their live dealer versions.

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