How to recognise shady casinos

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular, resulting in a huge and confusing choice of providers on the internet. This makes it difficult to tell dubious online casinos from legitimate ones, and players might fall victim to a fraud. So how do you tell reputable casinos from untrustworthy ones? Below, we will show you how to spot shady operators and their fraudulent tricks before it’s too late.

Be careful before you register

Even before you register on a site, it pays off to gather some information about an operator. Otherwise it could happen that a questionable casino operator passes your personal data on to a third party. As a result, your email inbox will spill over with spam. While you won’t lose any money, this sure comes at a cost to your time and nerves.


The licence

Signing up at an unlicensed online casino means that there is no guarantee that games are fair and wins are paid out. Trustworthy online casinos always have a licence (issued in Malta or the UK, for instance). A licence is proof that a company operates legally. Also, licensed casinos are supervised by official authorities. You will find the licence on the website as a link or photo logo of the responsible authority. Unfortunately, there have been cases of fake licences. A call to the linked authority helps clear up any doubts. Pay attention to where the office is located. European authorities typically impose stricter rules, making them safer.

Casino Licence

The software

Apart from the licence, it’s important that the casino uses original software. With licensed casinos, that is usually the case. Nonetheless, there are differences between the various operators with regards to the software as a result of different requirements imposed by supervising authorities. If you want to be on the safe side, you can enquire with the software producer in question whether the online casino uses the original software.
Your odds of winning are independent of the software used and are based purely on chance, as in regular casinos and slot machines.

Reputation and consistency

If the first two conditions are met, fraud can usually be ruled out. However, with new online casinos/operators, there is always a risk that they will have to file for insolvency after only a short time on the market. In the worst case, players lose the money they have paid into their accounts on those websites or money won can’t be fully paid out.
New online casinos should have a monthly limit on payouts. If a player’s winnings exceed that limit, only the amount up to the limit is paid out and the remainder is paid in the following month.
With larger and more renowned online casinos, bankruptcy can more or less be ruled out. They earn so much money that they are able to pay out wins without any limits or problems. Even so, being large and well-known is not a guarantee for a trustworthy company. It has happened that large operators have tried to draw out payments. So we recommend you look for some more clues.

Support and payment behaviour

Serious online casinos are characterised by a customer-friendly support and good payment practices. Winnings should always be paid out quickly and in a hassle-free manner. Unfortunately, you need to pay in some money and score a win before you can find out about a provider’s payment behaviour. Consulting tests and customer reviews before signing up is a good way to get information on payment practices before registration. These should stem from trustworthy reviewers.
If you have any questions regarding deposits and payouts or a casino’s games, these should be answered quickly and without any problems by a friendly support service. Email addresses, telephone numbers and contact forms should all be available on the website.

Ethical standards

In addition to all of these factors, a reputable online casino should have high ethical standards. These include clean business practices, a fair behaviour towards competitors, reputable advertisement practices and a good treatment of employees.


If an online casino meets all of the above criteria and convinces you with its selection of games and chances of winning, you have found the right casino for you. It never makes sense to switch back and forth between different operators.

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