How do I find new online casinos

For several years now, the number of new online casinos is steadily increasing. Monthly, umpteen of new online casinos are opening up to delight players with brand new casino games and increasingly attractive bonuses. Meanwhile, the Internet contains several hundred casinos. Without quite some engagement, it’s becoming more and more difficult for the player to find a new and good online casino.

The reasons why players register with a new online casino are very different - mostly it is a combination of curiosity, combined with the search for a new slot machine. In addition, players in new online casino receive the everywhere coveted casino welcome bonus.

New Online Casinos 

Not all new online casinos are reputable

Unfortunately, among the many good new online casinos, there are also some black sheep and of course, not all new online casinos are fully recommended in 2019.

How can you recognize reputable online casinos that are relatively new to the market? What can you expect from a new online casino in the early stages? This and much more, we would like to explain in detail here.

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Which new online casino 2019 has the best bonus to offer?

It’s striking - when looking at new online casinos - the fact that these surprisingly often provide very attractive bonus offers. Why is that? Quite simply: even more than the already established providers, new online casinos are looking for interested players and they have to stand out from the broad masses by offering better deals and promotions. Among other things, the best online casinos benefit from the fact that there are many positive player experiences and ratings. Of the most newly launched casinos, hardly a player has ever heard of it. The barrier to register there is logically higher. With a profitable online casino bonus, the "Newcomers" try to attract as many new players as possible. In principle, the first deposit of the new customer is decisive for the amount of the additional bonus credit.

Do not get carried away by the mere bonus amount to registration or deposit, first of all - that counts also for an established casino - take a look at the respective action conditions. Here the casino operators describe which procedure they expect of the new customer so that the casino bonus can be credited and gradually converted into payable real money. If the wagering requirements are too strict, you risk not giving the online casino bonus any added value. You will not enjoy this.

Thus, a glance at the bonus conditions already allows a conclusion as to whether the online casino is generally transparent and trustworthy.

How do I find new online casinos?

More and more providers are pushing into the industry online casino and the market multiplies almost on a weekly basis. Each provider tries to satisfy and fulfill its players. Unfortunately, not all casinos succeed. Some online casinos are simply not worth the registration or even spending leisure time. Accordingly, it is worthwhile, from the beginning on, to keep both eyes open in the search for a new online casino. There are now impressive new online casinos where players can not only benefit from an attractive bonus but also enjoy a wide selection of games.

At this point, we cordially invite you to - get to know the new online casinos  and try out the best of our casino test for yourself. By the way, it is worthwhile regularly to read the news of the new casinos. Get updated, find out the latest news and where to find the best online casino bonus.

As a player, you do not need to worry about risks - if you are convinced by a casino and you do the registration, you can take your time to check out whether you really like the respective online casino or not. If you don’t like the selected provider, simply get paid out the deposited funds and delete your player account. Take a look at our casino test and find a casino that suits you better and, where you then can activate the welcome bonus.

Which games are in new online casinos?

Sure, not even with the new online casinos, the wheel is going to be reinvented. Much more, such a large selection of online casinos is about providing the most optimal and attractive solution, for each type of player. Some new online casinos specialize in certain areas, such as classic slot machines. Other providers, in turn, try to entertain the gaming community with constantly changing promotions and VIP programs.

In addition, the new online casinos were first conceived and implemented relatively recently. As a rule, this means using the highest technological standards, such as modern SSL encryption technology. In any case, new online casinos offer you many new and attractive casino games. Which games can be found in the portfolio, depends on the cooperation with the game developers - Lately, often live casinos are integrated, interested players can try their best of luck against real croupiers in Real Time. Also, new providers are placing increasing emphasis on mobile casino solutions, some even providing their own mobile casinos. Last but not least, you benefit from a completely new and therefore exciting gaming environment from a new provider. That is a welcome change - especially if you have been playing with the same provider for a long time. Below we would like to explain in more detail the most important arguments that speak for new online casinos:

New gaming atmosphere

At some point, even the best online casino becomes boring. To prevent this, you should look in time for an alternative provider. New online casinos offer you a completely unknown and therefore, an exciting gaming atmosphere. The design, the layout, the casino games – here, everything is new and unknown to you.  As a player, you will get to know the offer step by step and let a relationship develop between you and the new casino. Our experience shows - especially new online casinos, delight their players with most extraordinary game concepts, ideas, action, and promotions.

New Online Casino Games

If you have been playing in the same online casino for a long time, you may know the entire game portfolio. This is often the case even when there are three-digit numbers of games available. In new online casinos, is a lot to discover for you. Get to know all the casino games and find your future favorite game.  We like to give you a little tip along the way - do not only pay attention to the provider selection. Also, check out the game developers, the casino cooperates with. For example, if you're currently playing in a casino with only Microgaming games, it may be a good idea to register with a provider that has casino games such as Evolution Gaming, NYX, or NetEnt. In addition, with new online casinos, you can find a good balance between the classic slot machines, casino typical card- or table games and a live casino.


New Online Casinos and Bonus Offers

As a new customer in new casinos, you can also benefit from mostly very attractive welcome offers, while in your "regular casino" you will rarely receive any deposit bonuses or free spins. In new online casinos, you are often overwhelmed with bonus credits. Normally, you will receive a bonus on your first deposit. Since new online casinos are usually very generous, the first deposit is often even doubled. For example - with the first deposit of 200 Euro, you can count on a bonus of 200 Euro. You then have a balance of 400 euros and the ability to double your money at the casino by trying out your luck.

Make a change and get to know new online casino games

From experience we know - most players are usually playing for a very long time in the same online casino, before even considering a look around for new options. Often this is due to the fact of convenience, rather than the fact of being happy and satisfied with the resent provider. It is just like the change of your electricity or telephone provider: who’s investing a bit of time in a change, will be rewarded. In this case, among other things, many new and interesting casino games, as well as attractive bonus offers. awaiting. Take now advantage of this opportunity and get to know new online casinos. In any case, you’ll bring a lot of variety into your gaming pleasures and incidentally, secure yourself a lucrative new customer bonus. If you do not like the new casino as you expected, just choose another one. The registration takes less than five minutes - so you got nothing to lose.

In addition, most new online casinos attach great importance to an attractive game portfolio. Often, the freshly launched online casinos, offering a number of new and exciting games. In order for a safe registration and to make your deposit - the basic requirement is that the respective casino is fully trustworthy.

But as a layman, how do I recognize whether an online casino is reputable?

Seriousness is the most important requirement for new online casinos

To be sure you are gambling in a safe and reputable gaming environment, first, look for an official gaming license. Such a license, issued from the government, is absolutely necessary. Based on this, players recognize that the online casino is regulated by an authority.  Fraud can be almost ruled out and this is especially important for new online casinos. The granting of a gambling license requires high standards.

Currently, the most popular license for online gambling is the license of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

This is an independent government authority of the EU member state Malta. MGA's policy is:

“To competently regulate the various sectors of the lottery and gambling industry under authority. To ensure that gambling remains fair and transparent to gamblers. To protect the underage, as well as vulnerable players. To prevent crime, corruption and money laundering”.

This principle is achieved by licensing only to qualified providers and regularly monitoring licensed gambling. Similarly, the government levies gambling taxes and thus the gambling sector is to be integrated into a positive development of the country. If new online casinos have a license from Malta, the players can be safe - everything runs smoothly and you do not have to worry about fraud. We can only make you aware of this - just register with online casinos that have an official EU license. Incidentally, in our casino comparison portal, you will only find licensed online casinos.

Other compelling arguments in favor of a reputable online casino is the eCOGRA seal. eCOGRA is an online game industry institution founded in 2003 by several online gambling companies. eCOGRA stands for - eCommerce Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance. According to our research, the institution employs 12 people who over the years have been able to resolve several thousand disputes between online gambling companies and gamblers. So far, according to own data, around 150 online gambling sites have been awarded the eCOGRA seal. Nowadays, the award of the seal sets great store by the player protection, as well as user-friendliness.

The license from Schleswig-Holstein is considered controversial. This, in connection with gambling on the Internet and likewise frequently quoted list, applies in principle only for online bookies and not for online casinos. Another indication of the trustworthiness of an online casino is a secure and modern SSL encryption. Also, an easily accessible and competent support team (for example, via live chat), can be an argument for the reputable appearance of an online casino. If new online casinos meet all of these requirements, you can register here without hesitation and know that the online casino is absolutely trustworthy.

Find the best new online casino step by step

If you are open for something new and want to challenge your luck in a new online casino, then we explain in the following steps how to easily find reputable, new online casinos. In most cases, the new casinos offering an attractive welcome bonus.

Step 1: Define player-related priorities

What is important to you in the internet casino? You have to think about it.

Some players are "only" looking for an attractive casino bonus, while other players are looking for a specific slot machine, such as Mega Moolah. While some assume that the payment method at the casino should provide PayPal, others attach importance to an anonymous payment with the Paysafecard.

Step 2: Find A New Online Casino

Our new casinos meet all the requirements that an established provider must have. We consider it an important prerequisite that an online casino has a European gambling license. In-house contacts and many years of experience enable us - often much earlier than others - to report on new online casinos. We select for you the providers, which simply do not seem trustworthy to us and from our point of view, not even worthwhile the registration. As a result, you will find only new online casinos that have been tested by us and which are trusted by us.

Step 3: Registration & Activation of the New Customer Bonus

Sign up for a new casino from our list and, receive a profitable Welcome Bonus Reward for your first deposit. New online casinos often convince with particularly rewarding bonus promotions. For example - with a 100 percent bonus of up to 300 euros on the first deposit. Some casinos offering to new players even a no deposit bonus, or free spins for certain machines.

Gather many new Impressions & receive the New Customer Bonus!

There is a lot to discover in a new online casino. As a player, you can take the opportunity to get to know not only new machines but also a new lobby and a new casino design. Depending on the casino software at the respective provider, the game portfolio can vary significantly.

Get to know completely new game concepts. For example, if you previously only played at NetEnt Casino with NetEnt games, you will experience a lot of new things in a Microgaming casino. The good thing about a new online casino is that you do not take any risks. You register for free, make your payment and here you go - try your luck. If you are not satisfied, or not convinced of the profits, just go to the next casino.

And do not forget - almost every casino offers a great bonus. Based on your first deposit, you will usually receive a percentage bonus amount. Here is an example: If the bonus on the first deposit is 100 percent, this first deposit will always be doubled. You can then use the gifted bonus credit to get to know the offer of the online casino in more detail.

New Online Casinos are increasingly turning to Mobile Offers

In the meantime, selected new online casinos have focused on an attractive mobile gaming adventure. The Mobile Casino offers barrier-free use with a smartphone or tablet PC. In some cases, the casinos offer apps that can be downloaded for iOS or Android. Mostly, however, the mobile availability of the casino is limited to a so-called mobile page version, the web app. This can be used without a download. In addition to the game function, the casino apps almost always offer payments via e-wallets and customer service.

Remember, new online casinos are only a short time on the market. Therefore they provide relatively often, a very attractive mobile gaming. Even established casinos struggle to keep up with the new casinos. As a result, the new casinos manage to supplant even established providers. They simply present the better casino apps.

Many New Online Casinos are starting the Competition

It is quite an advantage of the player that the number of online casinos continues to increase. Currently, we can present new online casinos to you on a weekly basis. The number of providers is already in the mid-three-digit range, we appreciate that very much. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the casino owners to get new players.  As a result, to not disappear in the crowd, they have to come up with something. That's exactly why new casinos mostly offer the best bonus promotions - they have to be better than their competitors. They can only do that with, above-average rewarding actions, also they need to build up a good image. Especially in the beginning, they can not afford any mistakes, everything has to work perfectly. As a result - for example - payouts must be processed quickly and payout percentages must be set as high as possible. Negative PR would be "deadly" for any new casino. In summary, there are many convincing arguments to register in new online casinos and to give it a chance.

3 Tips & Tricks on how to be successful in New Online Casinos

Before deciding to register in a recently launched casino, you should read our following tips and tricks carefully.

Of course, we can not give you any guarantees and we do not want to promise you the blue of the sky, nonetheless - we recommend that you take a good look at our player tips. We describe to you, how you might be even more successful in an online casino.

Tip 1: Activate Welcome Bonus & use Free Spins

For the successful start of your casino career, you should not fail to take advantage of the respective new customer bonus. This will be credited either directly after registration or after the first deposit. As a rule, the bonus amount depends on the deposit amount. With a little luck, you can get a lucrative doubling of the first deposit as a welcome bonus (= 100 percent bonus). As soon as you receive the bonus, you should meet the sales targets as quickly as possible. Then the bonus credit turns into payable online casino real money.

Tip 2: High Payout Odds at the Table Games

Many players do not know that - the highest payout rates are not received by the classic slot machines - the highest payout awaits the player at the table and card games. These include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. So, if you want to get the highest possible amount, you should go for table games. In some cases, the payout ratio reaches a level of 99 percent or even more. By contrast, with the Slot machines, it is usually no more than 97 percent, sometimes even only 93 percent. In a live casino, however, the payout level is a bit lower, as there are high costs for the casino due to staff and technology.

Tip 3: First understand the Game Principle, before playing with Real Money

The third tip – first you should know the functionality of a game. Make sure you understand the game before investing real money. That should be obvious, but unfortunately, reality looks different. Often, curiosity overcomes and people start playing the hell out of it - sometimes with fatal consequences. If you do not understand the game at all and you do not know what you need to do to get the best odds -then we recommend to: Do not play for real money in any online casino! Only do that, if you understand the game and you have some idea of the payout table. Until then, you should limit yourself to playing in fun mode with play money. This is available at almost all casino games.

Conclusion: Are New Online Casinos Worthwhile?

From our point of view - YES. There are many convincing arguments to use the new online casinos and to give them a chance. Of course, you should not try any casino. Rely on our many years of experience in the selection of providers. So, make sure to register exclusively with licensed and reputable online casinos. New online casinos offer you a completely new game environment and an unknown game portfolio, which you can get to know without any risk.

There are several hundred new Slot’s to be discovered, as well as table and card games such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Poker. In many cases, even a professionally implemented live casino.

The mostly very profitable welcome bonus, should not be unmentioned. As a new customer, you’ll receive it in almost all Internet casinos. Take advantage of this opportunity and bring variety into your everyday life. Get to know a new casino provider with great potential and, by the way, secure yourself, an attractive deposit bonus. The first rounds of play are thus virtually on the house. We wish you great entertainment during your discovery tour and, of course, the most breathtaking profits!

FAQ: Questions and Answers about New Online Casinos 2019

Where can I find new online casinos ?

On we regularly present, brand new online casinos. Since we checked all listed casinos up front, you will not find black sheep in our list. Only genuine online casinos are listed with us and they provide a valid license. In the respective test report, you can objectively research all strengths and weaknesses of the casino providers.

How do I recognize the Seriousness of a new Online Casino?

In our list are only reputable casino providers with an EU license. We would, therefore, like to point out that you do not have to worry about the seriousness in the casino at all. It is exactly this license, which is considered the best indicator that an online casino is reputable. Further evidence of the trustworthiness of a casino is, among other things - the eCOGRA seal, the SSL encryption, the payout of the provider, as well as the testimonials of already active players.

Why should I register in a New Online Casino?

There are plenty of good reasons to do so - for example, you can benefit from a completely new and interesting gaming environment at a new online casino. This includes not only the casino games but also the lobby, the new design, as well as the entire presentation of the provider. Furthermore, new casinos almost always benefit from particularly profitable new customer offers.

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