Book of Ra - a slot machine that is perfect for newcomers!

Book of Ra is a slot machine game, which is ideal for newcomers in this field. This game is very easy to understand, so you will not have any difficulties or problems playing. This game machine takes you to an ancient Egyptian world full of secrets and myths.

A classic set-up!

Book of Ra is equipped with a classic and thus well known set-up. On the screen, you will see five reels with different symbols. Each symbol of course deals with the theme of "ancient Egypt". Try this unique slot machine by registering directly on our site as a user!

Game description

The great advantage with the Book of Ra slot machine: With this game machine you can play with a very small stake. In addition, you can already make big winnings with a euro stake. The nine profit lines are spread over three levels. As you can see, you have very good chances at winning on the Boo of Ra slot machine. Of course, you can also benefit from this game without risk. You don’t have to play for real money. Alternatively, you can also play for game money. If you lose your entire game money, you can charge your amount with one click.

Book of ra slot

This is how you win at the Book of Ra slot machine

This slot machine has nine pay lines arranged from left to right. To make win you need at least two identical symbols or three default values. The default values ​​are 10, J, Q, K, or A. You get the highest win with the combination of five researchers on one line. If you can do this, you will receive the 5000-fold of your bet. With five sarcophagi on one line, your 2000-fold bet is repaid. With five books you get 1800 times your use back. Ten additional examples are given. You can, of course, claim  winnings from the ten free bets.


Instruction manual for newcomers or beginners in this area

As already mentioned above, the Book of Ra slot machine is very simple and easy to understand. Firstly, you must choose how many winning lines you want to play. It is even possible to play with one single winning line. However, we recommend playing around all nine profit lines, as this will increase your chances of winning big. You then have to set the bet per turn. Remember that you should use real money with great care. If you only have 30 Euros to play, you should not use one euro per round immediately. In such a case, choose a much smaller bet. After this step, you can finally press the "Start" button. The rollers begin to move and stop in a random position. Directly thereafter, you will learn whether you have won or not. If you do not want to press the button again after each roll, you should use the "Auto Play" button.

Book of ra

After each win there is a small bonus game!

With each win on the Book of Ra slot machine, you can choose a small bonus game. You have to choose the colour red or black. If you choose the colour black and a black card appears on the screen, your winnings are doubled. If you are wrong with your decision, your previous winnings are lost.

Are there really any tricks with the Book of Ra slot machine?

We assure you: There are is no way to trick or to over-whelm this or any other slot machine. It is only chance that decides the win. However, it is an advantage if you know all the functions of the game 100%. Try this exciting slot machine yourself. This way you can convince yourself of the many advantages!

Rating: 2.1 out of 5 with 23 ratings

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